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Iris Rose, Givrine, Musc et Freesia, Givrine, Jacinthe et Rose, Vanille et Coco, Ambre et Vanille, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

1822. During the reign of Louis XVIII “Le Désiré”, France was under a tense political climate. In the Parisian salons, guests were discussing, debating and bringing new ideas to a reality, against the school of thought of the Monarchy, while women were secretly breaking the codes in their “Boudoir”.

In his laboratory, Edmond Coudray was an “avant-gardiste”. This chemist and doctor began producing precious soaps, ointments and balms for the Royal Courts of England, Italy, Africa, Austria, Portugal, Brazil and Russia. In doing so, he built a precious heritage for future generations to come.


“Gants Poudrés”, irresistibly named by Coudray. His creations were so successful that he became the official provider to many crowned heads. Such as Queen Victoria of England whom he dedicated one of his creation “Queen Victoria Perfume”. Other fragrances from Coudray with amazing and luxurious names appeared, such as “Bouquet des Souverains”, “Rêve de Reine” and the famous “Aqua Divina”.


“The art of being beautiful ... is also the art of wearing perfume” Edmond Coudray, “Secrets de Beauté” 1828.


E.Coudray through the Ages the E.Coudray perfume House, Edmond Coudray succeeded in creating perfumes for all kinds of women. Among them, the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt who chose the “Medulline” body cream by E.Coudray, made with patchouli and rose.

As always, Edmond Coudray knew how to respond to the needs of femininity and beauty of the Women in raffined material, luxury and beauty.

Edmond Coudray was a pioneer in the world of fragrances. The formulas of Coudray's fragrances have carefully been safeguarded in their archives.


In 1960, the House E.Coudray developed  the “bath concept” under the management of Pierre Brumeaux-Kiener, the great grandnephew of Edmond Coudray.


Nowadays, E.Coudray still seduces a large panel of women, from all parts of the world, with fragrances that combine an exceptional vintage design and pure, seductive scents.


The E.Coudray fragrances are authentic, sophisticated and sensual. The scents are full of character and the feminine and etched glass bottle is part of the “boudoir” heritage. They are a long-lasting fragrance that leave the skin fresh throughout the day.

Rose Tubereuse

Rose Tubereuse, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

Seductress and courageous. Created in 2017 by Cecile Zarokian, this is an enchanted floral oriental fragrance with opulent and fruity notes.


Bergamot, rhubarb, guava and mandarin are a pleasure for the senses. The flowery mix of Bulgarian rose, tuberose and ylang-ylang with a hint of vanilla, musk and patchouli reveal the sensuality of the fragrance.

Ambre et Vanille

Ambre et Vanille, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

Epicurean and luminous. A savoury ambered fragrance saturated with orange, cinnamon, amber and vanilla. A sin of gluttony imagined by Henri Bergia that first stimulates the appetite of the senses with its playful freshness, finishing in a feast of mouthwatering sensuality.


The oriental gourmand takes off in a swirl of bitter orange giving a feminine touch by ylang-ylang and expands with heliotrope, sweetened with tonka bean, powdered by orris and spiced with the Ceylan cinnamon before finally softening to an intensity wrapped in amber, vanilla and patchouli.

Musc et Freesia

Musc et Freesia, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

Tender and sensual. A floral musky scent created around the cotton flower. An evocation of sensation orchestrated by Christophe Raynaud.


The candour of flowing flowers is succeeded by fiery musk, as provocative as naked skin. The radiant armful of cotton flowers and raspberry leaves, borne on a breath of aldehydes, is followed by a bouquet of white flowers - freesia, peony, lily and cyclamen - still wet with dew, warmed with white leather, teak, hints of cedar wood and white musks.

Jacinthe et Rose

Jacinthe et Rose, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

A timeless complicit and highly feminine perfume. Romantic and mysterious. Made into perfume by Evelyne Boulanger, this is a refined fragrance that is thoroughly in keeping with the “boudoir” concept. An elegant blend of all that is fresh and gentle.


With sparkling and vibrant scents of citrus fruits, bitter orange, and hyacinth green that are immediately released, followed by tender velvety notes of vine peach. This is exquisitely enriched by luscious jasmine, orange blossom, peony and ylang ylang.

Vanille et Coco

Vanille et Coco, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

Exotic and sensual. Spicy notes of vanilla and coconut to make your mouth water. With its rich blend of vanilla and coconut, this scent holds the promise of escape to exotic new surroundings.


This is a wickedly delicious cocktail that is simply irresistible. It is a sophisticated perfume with delicate tones of iris, orange blossom, jasmine and ylang ylang. Its flowery, infinitely refined notes elegantly temper its immediate spontaneity and radiance giving way to languorous base notes of tonka and sandalwood.


Givrine, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

Lightening and Spontaneous. This E.Coudray fragrance offers a new way to wear perfume. According to the creator, Evelyne Boulanger, it is like an impressionist painting, full of little secrets and a multitude of colors strokes that gradually come to light. Notes of citrus fruits, kumquats, bergamot orange, mingled with chilled watermelon emerge.


A vast lawn covered in sumptuous flowers, bouquets of violets mingling with roses, peonies and gardenias, in the background, like undergrowth emerging from a bed of moss, scents of musk, sandalwood, patchouli and amber exude.

Iris Rose

Iris Rose, E.Coudray, EdT, Fragrance, Perfume, Paris, niche perfumery, french parfum

Gentle and dreamy. Created by the perfumer Randa Hammani, Iris Rose expresses the very essence of the brand, is exclusively feminine, and the new key to enter this precious sweet and tender world of luxury, fantasy and delight.


The most tender marriage between an iris and a rose, a soft floral fragrance, voluptuous as a rich cream, comforting as a powder mist. In the base notes, patchouli and labdanum cistus wink at the soft amber fragrances of the old days, bringing a slight vintage twist and even more sensuality.

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