Andrea Maack


Eau de Parfum 50 ml


DARK is heavily oxidized rose mixed with violets and leather. It's a take on the classic rose note, a bloody, powery, leathery, seductive perfume with a purpose. The heavy metallic note in the scent brings a surprise while its animalistic and powdery side suggests certain comfort - both reassuring and protective.


DARK is a scent with a mind of its own, and it can take you to places you never dreamed of going.


DARK was originally released in 2012 as a part of ANDREA MAACK debut collection. The inspiration behind this fragrance are historic vampy figures such as “The Blood Countess” of Hungary (b. 1560) and Elisabeth “Sisi”of Bavaria, empress of Austria (b. 1837) famous for her rigorous beauty routines before her time such as soaking for hours in Rosewater.

With opening notes of petitgrain, pink berries and yellow mandarin fold a heart of green apple, metal, rose, aldehydes and lemon tree, resting on a light base of Virginia cedarwood, orange blossom, and ambergris. The result is a surprising scent that blends luxuriously warm florals with sharp metallic notes to create a captivating fragrance. Multifaceted and inviting, this composition is effortlessly wearable and perfect for day and night time.

Olfactory Group: Floral


Head notes

Apple, Pink Pepper, Mandarin Oil

Heart notes

Turkish Rose Oil, Petitgrain, Orange Flower

Base notes

Virginian Cedarwood, Ciste Absolute, Musk

DARK | Andrea Maack

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